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As per European Cuisine request, web design had to be modern, stylish and distinguishable. It should be reflective of healthy food presented withing the frame of European Cuisine tradition.

Food Delivery Subscription
Integrated with PayPal

European Cuisine requested an easy online subscription options that would provide their clients with ability to subscribe and pay for monthly food delivery plans.


Exceptional quality home and commercial renovations

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AKC team is comprised of engineers and experienced professionals who work in this industry because they choose to, and they couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything else. Quality, precision, and perfection are the defining terms of work ethic, and anything less doesn’t match AKC standards. AKC passion and motivation come not from the financial prospects of a given project, but from the feeling we get when we see the look on our client’s faces when we make their vision come to life beyond their expectations.

  • To provide Search Engine Optimization;

  • To develop company logo;

  • To design subscription brochures;

  • To setup online payments for custom orders;

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