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Create Me If You Can

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As per CIYC request, blog was created with ability to display website content in different languages in order to address both English-speaking and Russian-speaking readers.

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Create Me If You Can blog relies on advanced social network integration in order to make its content available for a large group of reader.


Blog about journeys, transformations and new horizons

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“Create me if you can” is a scientific and creative collaborative project of several people around the world. Some of us are writing, some of us are illustrating, and some of us are editing. We all have in common an interest in life, natural curiosity and desire to answer the question: “Why do things happen the way they do?” We are trying to create our own philosophy of life based on results collected from different scientific disciplines related to human experience. A philosophy which would help to form the inner core and point in the direction of better “here and now”. This blog is about journeys, transformations and new horizons. All facts and theories presented here are scientifically based. But to avoid the boredom of dry science direct links are given only to some experiments.

  • To provide Search Engine Optimization;

  • Social network integration;

  • Correct display on mobile devices;

  • Bilingual functionality;

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